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Create a Healthier Home Environment: An educational course that teaches how to create a beautiful and healthy home environment free of toxins and clutter that encourages emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.

Steven · December 6, 2019

Welcome To The Healthy Home Program!

Healthy Home is a physician reviewed and approved program that teaches you how to create a beautiful and healthy home environment free of toxins and clutter. It is designed to help with stress management, overwhelm, depression, empty nest, anxiety, environmental change and trouble sleeping…

It will teach you how to create an environment that inspires you daily; helps you facilitate a sense of inner cleansing and peace; creates a space that helps you learn and grow; and shows you how to incorporate your healthy lifestyle into you home.

It includes Interior Design elements, placement, colors, and ergonomics with sustainable materials that will support spiritual, physical, and mental growth. As a Health Coach I realize you want to get well, stay well, and reach your goals, but you can’t do that with a toxic home that’s not supporting your health. This course is written by an Interior Designer and Health Researcher and publisher. It covers start to finish, plans, materials, furnishings, color, psychological factors, and space planning, and even cleaning products for a healthier home…

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