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Healthy Gut is a physician approved course that provides a deeper, more holistic approach to understanding the role of nutrition and lifestyle in optimal health.

stevedaysr · May 8, 2019


Achieve and maintain optimal overall health with Healthy Gut. Obtain a deeper, more holistic approach to understanding the role of nutrition and lifestyle toward achieving optimal gut health…

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Healthy Gut is an annual membership program that will support your wellness journey from one stage of the gut healing process to the next…

You will have all the support and education needed for your transition. You’ll learn to eat in a way that supports your gut health and is sustainable long term…

The program includes monthly modules with documents, videos, audios, weekly workbooks, a guided elimination diet, supplement protocols and assessment tools. It is a complete program including everything my client needs to heal their gut troubles, feel better and sustain the results long-term. The program also contains modules on specific topics like candida, leaky gut, inflammation, lifestyle, stress management, supplements, elimination diet and more… There will be group participation; Recipe books and meal plan, gut health tracker, habit minder (tracker) and more…

Thanks for stopping by! Access a year of health and wellness education by purchasing my Healthy Gut program today!

NOTE: This course is only included in the Premium Coaching subscription. You can purchase this subscription by clicking the blue “Take this Course” link to the right…

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