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A Partnership Based On A Shared Vision,
Mission and Application


Wellness Coaches in collaboration toward a common goal of premium online wellness education

Shared Vision

To see all health and wellness seekers gain empowerment through crucial holistic education

Shared Success

A business partnership that creates a level of success for each one's own vision

Online Coaching

eLearning is becoming a popular method of education and health coaching is growing in popularity

Group Discussions

A Facebook like experience that is within the portal itself without outside distractions and more community

Group Calls

Group discussions - work remote and stay connected with the BEST online video conferencing platform

This is not just a partnership – It’s a collaboration with a shared vision and mission to reach every wellness seeker with the education they need to create a lifestyle of health and wellness; combined with the assistance and accountability of a Health Coach. I’m offering a select number of Holistic Health Coaches an opportunity to work with me and get paid a commission on every course offered within this eLearning Portal membership. You’ll also have the opportunity to create your own courses in collaboration with me and market them here. Most of the courses are physician-approved with two 52 week subscription courses…


I’ll give you free access to this eLearning Portal membership to participate in any of the no-cost courses. This will give you a sense of what is offered here for your clients. You’ll gain access to our proprietary groups where you can interact with your clients through discussions and conference calls. And so much more! Take a look around the site and get a feel for what your clients can experience here. Afterward, just complete the form at the bottom of this page and show your interest…

This Coaching Partner Program Has A

Value of $137.00/mo.

Now Just $77/mo.

Get ALL the Benefits of Working With Me PLUS Earn a 65% Commission On All Course Sales…

The Organizer/Administrator

Steven N. Day, Sr.

Certified Holistic, Biblical and Essential Oils Coach

“Life Is Not A Destination - It's A Journey... Step into your purpose and build your wellness coaching business by partnering with me...”

Steven N. day, sr.

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