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NOTE: “ALL health begins in the gut” – hippocretes. With this in mind, you should begin your learning experience by participating in my 21 Days To A Healthy Gut course. There are 13 physician approved courses housed within this eLearning Portal. ALL of these programs are available to subscribed members depending on your subscription option. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view the programs, you may do so by clicking the link below…

You have the ability to view and participate in the first two modules of the Natural Health Immersion and Healthy Gut courses at no cost in order to see the value of each membership before you purchase a monthly subscription.

Pandemic Survival Solutions

This content focuses on SOLUTIONS, not the problems.
Get immediate access to this suite of solutions based videos, guides and mp3s will help you to survive this pandemic and keep your sanity too… Seeing as how this is current to our COVID-19 pandemic of the past several months, I am providing this as a free course to anyone who registered for my WLC eLearning Portal membership. Get ALL the details on my About page: WLC About Page

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Boost Your Immune System Naturally! Surefire Health Boosters That Will Keep Your Immune System Strong

In this 54 page specialty eBook you’ll learn just What Your Immune System Is and What It Does. You’ll learn How Your Immune System Works and 5 Important Influencers of Your Immune System.

Nothing in your body functions without relying on something else. Everything’s connected. Your mental health depends on a physically strong body. When your mental health is diminished, processes take place which don’t allow for the best physical health. Where your immunity is concerned, your ability to stay healthy, there are several things which can influence the process.

For instance, it is believed that as much as 75% of all chronic disease is related to an unhealthy gut. This is how your gut biome can influence your health and wellness, positively or negatively. Your digestive system influences your immunity, and when your immune system is strong, it can keep your gut healthy in return.

You’ll learn this and so much more in this special document created by your Certified Holistic Health Coach simply by registering an account for this website. It is my gift to you!

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